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  1. Touch-and-go definition is - an airplane landing followed immediately by application of power and a takeoff and usually executed as one of a series for practice at landings. How to use touch-and-go in a .
  2. Define touch-and-go. touch-and-go synonyms, touch-and-go pronunciation, touch-and-go translation, English dictionary definition of touch-and-go. adj. Dangerous and uncertain in nature or outcome; precarious; delicate: major surgery followed by a touch-and-go recovery. Adj. 1. touch-and-go - .
  3. touch-and-go definition: 1. If a situation is touch-and-go, it is uncertain: 2. If a situation is touch-and-go, it is. Learn more.
  4. touch and go Extremely uncertain as to the outcome of something. Hyphenated if used before a noun. Our business had a pretty rocky start—it was touch and go for a while there whether we'd even be able to keep going or not. The doctors said it was touch and go at points during surgery, but he is expected to pull through and make a full recovery. It was.
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  6. 'Touch and go' is a highly unusual expression in English in that it has developed with several different meanings. The one given above is the most commonly used but, as the meanings lead us to the origins, let's list the variations first.

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