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  1. Define jenny. jenny synonyms, jenny pronunciation, jenny translation, English dictionary definition of jenny. n. pl. jen·nies 1. The female of certain animals, especially a donkey or a wren. 2. A spinning jenny. n, pl -nies 1. a hand-operated machine for turning up.
  2. Jenny definition, spinning jenny. See more. Jenny is probably best known as a name. Many people are named Jenny, but it can also be a pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co, it’s often used as a nickname for Jennifer (like Jenny from the Block), but traditionally it has also been used as a nickname for Janet and Jane. Jenny as a proper name for girls is typically cited as the basis of its use to refer to a female.
  3. Sep 28,  · Created by Howard Gewirtz, Mark Reisman. With Jenny McCarthy, Heather Dubrow, Dale Godboldo, Rafer Weigel. After inheriting a residence in Hollywood, Jenny and her friend leave their crappy jobs in Utica, New York. The house being mortgage afflicted, they must rent the guest house to two struggling filmmakers. Meanwhile, Jenny tries to find her B-movie "star" father she never met/10(2).
  4. Jul 17,  · Jenny (plural Jennies) A diminutive of the female given names Jane, Jennifer, or Eugenia (rarely), also used as a formal given name. Leigh Hunt, Jenny Kissed Me, Jenny kissed me when we met, Jumping from the chair she sat in; Time, you thief, who love to get Sweets into your list, put that in! Say I'm weary, say I'm sad.
  5. She is sweet and pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co beauty is natural and is also pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co treats you well and wants you to be pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co can't express her feelings pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co isn't that innocent as you may pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co EVER YOU DO DONT GET ON THEIR BAD SIDE!!Over all they are ok and good trustworthy friend but remember to treat them nicely because they can be sensitive and emotional at sometimes.
  6. Jenny McCarthy, Actress: Dirty Love. One of four sisters, Jenny McCarthy was born in Evergreen Park, Illinois, a Chicago suburb, the second oldest daughter of Linda (Loheit), a courtroom custodian, and Daniel McCarthy, a steel mill foreman. She has Irish (father) and Croatian, German, and Polish (mother) ancestry. She was educated at Mother McAuley Liberal Arts High School, before.
  7. All bundles are set to auto-delivery and charged and shipped every weeks, as selected. No requested menu substitutions allowed. Once placed, the first order cannot be cancelled, but all subsequent orders can be cancelled any time before your order begins processing by calling JENNY-CARE. Valid only at pocelomodgocarlafararetriaprep.co Restrictions apply.
  8. Animals. Jenny (donkey), a female donkey Jenny (gorilla), the oldest gorilla in captivity at the time of her death at age 55 Jenny (orangutan), an orangutan in the London Zoo in the s Films. Jenny, a French film by Marcel Carné; Jenny, a Dutch film; Jenny, an Australian television film; Jenny, a film starring Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas; Music. Jenny, a EP by Stellastarr*.

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